Carbon peeling

Carbon peeling


Face (full)

от 60.00 EUR


40.00 EUR

Forehead30.00 EUR
Neck30.00 EUR

40.00 EUR

Face, cheeks, décolleté120.00 EUR

We offer a unique facial procedure, carbon peeling. The procedure helps to solve problems not only with clogged pores, but also with pimples, and improves the complexion.

It has an antibacterial effect and regulates the sebum production.

Carbon peeling is a new method of laser treatment and skin rejuvenation.

The course of laser-carbon peelings includes 3-6 procedures. The sessions are held once every 7-14 days. The course should be repeated in a year (if indicated).

Indications for the treatment:

  • acne;

  • comedones ("black dots");

  • pigment spots;

  • wrinkles;

  • hyperkeratosis;

  • uneven tone and relief of the skin;

  • large pores.

Already after the first session the skin becomes smooth, the inflammation signs are reduced, the effect is increasing subsequently.

The final result can be evaluated one month after the course end. Carbon laser peeling has a surface exfoliating effect, activates collagen and elastin synthesis and normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands. After several sessions, the skin becomes matte and elastic, wrinkles are smoothed, the pores are contracted, the skin relief becomes more even and pigment spots disappear.

The procedure is minimally invasive and non-traumatic, so it does not cause any complications. The side effects of peeling include only redness and slight facial skin sloughing, but it is a normal reaction of the skin to the activation of internal regeneration processes and moderate heating of its upper layers.

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