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About LanaStyle beauty center

LanaStyle Beauty Studio always follows the development of the latest beauty technologies.

The Beauty Studio has been working since 2010 and has received a commendation from the Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspection.

Our masters are specialists with extensive experience and artistic skills. We constantly improve our knowledge at the seminars, held by world-class specialists from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Switzerland, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

We care about the beauty and health of our customers. Our studio offers discounts for loyal customers, seasonal proposals and gifts. 

We cannot compete with “coupon” salons because we have a different level of service. However, we are always ready to help and make our customers happy.

“I, Svetlana Sveboda, a permanent make-up and aesthetic medicine specialist, make-up artist and cosmetologist with higher medical education (Riga Stradiņš University). A participant of exhibitions in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany and Poland. The organizer of permanent make-up and aesthetic medicine conferences”.

LanaStyle Beauty is a high quality service, professional team, sensitivity to every customer, cosy atmosphere and your smile!

About LanaStyle Beauty Salon

Svetlana Sveboda

The founder of the Beauty Studio and Training Centre 


Please observe the following rules,
to have the best experience in our studio:

  • A previous appointment is obligatory and should be made directly by our master;

  • If you cancel your appointment, please contact our master at least 6 hours before the appointment;

  • If the procedure is appointed before the working hours of the salon (for example, from 8:00 a.m.) or after its closing (from 7:00 p.m. and later), the cost of services shall be increased by 30%;

  • If you fail to inform about the cancellation of your appointment or to contact your master, the next time you will have to make an advance payment in the amount of 50% of the procedure cost;

  • A delay of more than 15 minutes may negatively affect the quality of the procedure.

Repair and maintenance of the equipment

Our service center performs repair and maintenance of the equipment for permanent make-up, as well as cosmetic, manicure and pedicure equipment of various brands.

Repair works are performed by a highly qualified specialist with extensive experience over 18 years.

 29 265 483 - Dmitrij