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Lana Style

Beauty studio


Sale of professional beauty products

Current events

Apmācība "Brow Profi Master"

"Brow Profi Master" (LV)

12-13.01.2023 at 10.00-18.00 (Latvian/Russian languages)


Eyebrow painting with henna and paint + eyebrow lamination. 


2 days, EU certificate. 5 models


Price:  340 Euro


Previous note:
+371 29136045

Apmācība "Klasiskā skropstu pieaudzēšana"

Training "Classic eyelash extensions"

23-24.02.2023, from 10.00-18.00

(Latvian/Russian languages)



Training according to an individual schedule, 2 models. Licensed Program. Training according to an individual schedule, 2 models. Licensed Program.


Price:   380.00 EUR


Previous note:
+371 29136045

Seminārs "Higiēnas prasības skaistumkopšanā MK 631"

Seminar "Hygiene requirements in beauty care MK 631"

17.02.2023  pulksten 11.00 
(Latvian/Russian languages)


WE INVITE YOU TO APPLY FOR THE TRAINING SEMINAR. "Hygiene requirements in beauty care MK 631".   + certificate for 5 years. 

Price: 50.00 EUR

Previous note:
+371 29136045


About the beauty salon

Beauty studio and training center "LanaStyle"
always follows the development of the latest beauty technologies.

The beauty studio has been operating since 2010 and has received thanks from the Epidemiology and Sanitation Inspectorate.

Our masters are specialists with extensive work experience and artistic skills. We are constantly improving our knowledge in seminars led by world-class specialists from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Switzerland, Moscow and St. Petersburg. 

We take care of the customer's beauty and health.

Our studio offers discounts for regular customers, seasonal offers and gifts. We cannot compete with "coupon" salons because we have a different level of service. But we are always ready to help and please our customers.

" I, Svetlana Sveboda, am a master of permanent make-up and aesthetic medicine, make-up artist and cosmetologist with higher medical education (Riga P. Stradiņš University). I have participated in exhibitions in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany and Poland. I have established a beauty study and training center. "

Beauty studio "LanaStyle" - it is a high level of service, a professional team, a sensitive attitude towards each client, a cozy atmosphere and your smile!

Par LanaStyle skaistumkopšanas salonu

Svetlana Sveboda

founder of a beauty studio and training center


To make your stay in our beauty studio a pleasure,
please observe the following rules:

Pre-registration is mandatory and takes place directly at the master;

If you cancel the visit, please inform the masters at least 6 hours in advance;

If the start time of the procedure is scheduled before the opening of the salon (for example, from 8.00 in the morning) or after its closing (from 19:00 and later), the cost of services will increase by 30%;

If you do not notify about the cancellation of the registration and do not contact us, the next registration will be made with an advance payment of 50% of the costs of the procedure;

If the client is more than 15 minutes late, this can negatively affect the quality of the procedure.

Beauty apparatus repair and service

Our service center provides repair and maintenance of permanent make-up, manicure, pedicure and cosmetology equipment of various companies.

Repairs are performed by a highly qualified master with 20 years of experience.

  29 265 483 - Dmitry

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